"After getting used to being able to hang any gun anywhere at anytime, it's hard to imagine framing with out a PNEUHOOK."


PNEUHOOK Field Tester

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  • Never be without a hook again
  • Goes on any gun you're allocated instantly, when you're done, take it with you
  • Secure gun in virtually any situation to free hands for immediate task
  • Patent pending design features "hook stop" to prevent accidental disconnect
  • Multiply production and save money
  • Minimize struggle
  • Reduce air tool repairs


PNEUHOOK - Quick Change Pneumatic Tool Hook




If you are a tradesman with pneumatic tools you really need to get a few of these Pneuhooks.  This design of hook is easily utilized with all of your pneumatic nail guns.  They save your back at times and also keep your nail guns within reach.  The biggest problem with other hooks, in my opinion, is they are fixed on one or maybe two of the guns on the job site.   If you have at least one PNEUHOOK in your pouch you will have hook on your gun when you need it.  I am a nail guy if you know what I mean, and honestly having two PNEUHOOKS on me has helped me greatly.  I can't remember the last time I dropped and broke one of these expensive pneumatic nail guns.  May I add that my favorite gun to put one of these PNEUHOOKS on is a brad gun because when you are tacking pieces together at a work bench the gun is right next to you.  I would like to get one of these hooks on some hoseless guns.  Well I am ranting now gtg.  Thank you very much for a great design PNEUHOOK keep up the good work.

- Joel

PNEUHOOK field tester (3 YEARS)

12 year carpenter

Plymouth, MA


The Pneuhook is great. I use to have to make the choice between holding my finish guns between my knees or putting an after market hook on and having them not fit in their cases. Pneuhook solved that problem. I let one of my carpenters try it out and they don't want to give it back, I will be ordering another one.

Sustainability Specialist/Project Manager
Bellingham, Washington


The Only Nail Gun Hook With

"Quick Change"






"The Pneuhook is one of those rare products that works instantly and well—I recommend it to anyone who frames or sides."  Tim Uhler -Tools of The Trade Magazine.


I received my PNEUHOOK about a month ago.   I've used it with my guns that don't already have a hook bolted on.   Pneuhook is extremely versatile it works well with stick nailers, siding and finish guns.  The fittings that come with the tool are quality fittings.   I'm definitely going to pick one up for my co-worker.

Honolulu, Hawaii


I have been meaning to send you a note. Great product. I like the adjustability (swing on the gun) and the versatility of switching between guns. I'll be ordering two more soon.



​Strong, ME

Field Tested

Hi Scott,

I saw Pneuhook in JLC and when I saw it realized I had to have it. I put it to work on a job closing in an old garage door and residing it. It made it a lot easier, especially when I got up onto a ladder. I have to say that the best part was when after I was done with the framing gun, I was able to switch over to my finish gun for tacking the clapboards on so that I could finish nailing them off by hand.

I’ve used it quite a bit recently in the sop as well for my brad, finish and staple guns. Just hook it to a pocket with the small guns, no need to try and remember where I put the gun!

All the built-ins make it even more useful, and the yellow color means I won’t lose it if I drop it or in the toolbox. A clever product and happy to buy Massachusetts made! 

Really Scott, you’ve come up with some great products and I look forward to seeing your next great ideas! 

Hudson, MA

Hi Scott,

I took my PNEUHOOK out to a Habitat for Humanity job site (our 90th house for the Denton, TX chapter and both the other guys with nail guns are going to order one. GREAT PRODUCT!


Denton, TX




                          SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME

The Best


Tool Hook!

Nail Hanging


Patent pending

"Hook Stop".

Hi Scott,

Great design- versatile and easy to use. I have been looking for something that would do this ever since I got my first nailer. I wish I​ had had one 30 years ago, when nail guns were HEAVY!

Chris and Shannon
Floyd, VA

I have been in the custom home building industry for  over 18 years and worked with various tools.  Never has there been a product that I have felt like "this is cool", but also "this product fills  many voids in efficiency and the safety dept".  Our team has tackled some very challenging projects and to use Pneuhook from its infancy to a full production product has me very excited. Situation Innovation Corpration has developed a product that is very useful to the industry - I can't wait to see where they will go and what will come out next.

Mike Kovac
Notched Building Services
Sandwich, MA

  • Quick change universal hook for pneumatic tools (air tools)
  • Equipped with high quality Milton couplers and plugs
  • 1 year "coupler replacement guarantee"
  • Hangs on hammer loop, 2X stock, nail, tool belt, etc.
  • ​1/2" skill saw blade wrench
  • Fits on all your guns in one second

1/2 " circular saw



When I first started framing we had a gun or two that had hooks and it would always be a battle to get the gun with the hook. Now with my Pneuhook it doesn't matter what gun I get for the day, i know that when I am climbing around in the rafters all day I can always hang my gun right next to me and be ready to nail without fumbling around. Also with exterior trim there is a lot of gun switching and having a universal hook makes going from a brad nailer to a spike gun easy. 


PNEUHOOK Field tester (3year)

7 year carpenter

Falmouth, MA


High Quality


Couplers &